Jamie Olis Finally Goes to Bastrop

Jamie Olis, the former Dynegy mid-level executive whose prosecution and sentencing represents one of the most brutal examples of the federal government’s criminalization of business since the bursting of the stock market bubble earlier this decade, has finally received a small measure of relief in the latest stage of his ordeal.

Yesterday, the Bureau of Prisons finally transferred Olis from the downtown Houston Federal Detention Center to the Bastrop, Texas federal prison unit. The Bastrop unit is the original prison that Olis was assigned to when he began serving his sentence almost three years ago and is thankfully the most convenient location for Olis’ family members to visit him.

Olis spent over a year in the Detention Center in Houston — a facility that is meant to house prisoners for only short periods — because of prosecution foot-dragging in regard to his re-sentencing and then a four-month delay in assigning him to a permanent facility after he was re-sentenced. Here’s hoping that Bastrop will be Olis’ final prison destination before his release, probably in late 2009 or early 2010.

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