Look Who is Advising the FBI

So, former Enron Task Force director Andrew Weissmann has found his way back into government service, this time as general counsel to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

This is the fellow who – among other outrageous tactics — is primarily responsible for prosecuting Arthur Andersen out of business and for destroying the careers of several innocent Merrill Lynch executives in the notoriously misguided Nigerian Barge case.

And now he is the primary counselor to the federal government’s primary investigative force.

Weissmann’s track record of abuse of power should be grounds to preclude him from such a position. But in this day and age, it is viewed as sound preparation.

Not a particularly pleasant thought to have if the Devil ever turns on you.

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  1. Authur Andersen destroyed itself by compromising audit integrity to sell consulting work, not to mention gross acts of malpractice in the Houston office.

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