Lessons on governmental decision-making

astrodome5 This blog started in February 2004 and the first post about what to do with the Astrodome was in September 2004.

Over the intervening six years, there have been a couple of dozen posts about the various boondoggles that have been proposed for the Dome. To date, no one has put up a penny to redevelop the Dome.

Despite this dismal track record, Harris County officials are still dithering over what to do with the Dome.

At least the current proposals are similar to the one that I made a couple of years ago. That is really the only one that makes much sense for the facility. Typical to Harris Countyís handling of this situation, there is no mention in the Chronicle article that Harris County officials have had any discussions with Texas Medical Center officials about development and financing of such a venture. Thus, at this point, it would appear that the only financing for such a project would be on the County’s dole.

And in an amazing display of blindness, County officials are planning not to convert the land that the Dome sits on into badly needed additional parking for the Reliant Park area if the decision is made to raze the facility. Why not generate some revenue from the land to help pay off the $35 million in bond debt that still exists on the Dome?

Oh well. There are many lessons to be drawn from this experience, but two in particular:

1. If you canít figure out what to do with something in six years, then itís probably time to get rid of it; and

2. Donít ever rely on governmental officials to make sound decisions.

2 thoughts on “Lessons on governmental decision-making

  1. There are too many in city and county government that see the Astrodome as a means to feather their pockets. I say, tear it down and use it for parking earmarked to reduce the mortgage. If mortgage holder won’t agree, let them have it.

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