The shoe drops on Judge Kent

Judge Kent 082908_3 Here is the Chronicle article on the unusual federal aggravated sexual harassment abuse and contact indictment against U.S. District Judge Sam Kent. The previous posts on this matter are here. Here are the public statements of Judge Kent and his main accuser, and a related article (see also here) on Judge Kent.

Judge Kent will apparently defend himself by what amounts to confession and avoidance — that is, conceding that sexual advances were made, but that they were consensual in nature. In my view, that will be an extremely difficult defense for a defendant-judge to sustain in front of a jury.

This one has the potential to be very ugly indeed.

Update: Serious questions (see also here) are already being raised about the Fifth Circuit Judicial Council’s handling of the investigation and sanctioning of Judge Kent.

2 thoughts on “The shoe drops on Judge Kent

  1. I’m no granola-muncher, but I think you’re off base calling it “sexual harassment.” Did you read the indictment? He’s accused of attempting to bring a woman’s head down to his penis. He’s also accused of “the intentional touching, both directly and through the clothing, of the groin, breast, inner thigh, and buttocks of [the complaining witness].”
    Moreover, the crimes he are charged with are entitled, “attempted aggravated sexual abuse,” and “abusive sexual contact.”
    Granted, he’s not charged with rape. But he has been charged for something much worse than sexual harassment.

  2. Mike, so noted, although I’m not sure I would agree that sexual harassment is “much worse” than what Judge Kent is charged with. All such conduct is reprehensible.

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