More on lackluster Vista

windows_vista_092507.jpgBen Worthen’s WSJ Business Tech blog post channels Warren Meyer’s opinion of Windows Vista:

Microsoft started selling Vista, the latest version of its Windows operating system, to businesses last November. And despite the fact that over 90% of businesses run Windows, only 7% of large companies plan to switch to Vista this year, according to this Journal article. The article touches on all the reasons that companies are delaying the switch: Some of the security software isnít ready; problems with special software called ìdriversî that run printers and other devices; the fact that most companies run software that may not work with the new operating system.
This blog thinks it all suggests one thing: Companies donít need Vista yet. In the past, Microsoft was replacing a version of Windows with known flaws or introducing a new version with a lot more capabilities. But XP, the version of Windows that was released in 2002, works great ñ or at least good enough for businesses.

The Chronicle’s best columnist — technology expert Dwight Silverman — also contributes his thoughts on Vista.

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