Texas football play of the year

As noted in this earlier post and several previous posts, football is synonomous with autumn in Texas and, each year, there always seems to be one play that stands out among all the rest from the season.
This season, there really is no question about the play of the year, but it’s not for the faint of stomach. During a key part of the 4th quarter in the state 5A D-1 championship game between Southlake Carroll and Austin Westlake, Southlake Carroll QB Riley Dodge barks out the signals, vomits immediately before taking the snap, proceeds to throw a perfect TD pass to put Southlake ahead for good in the game, and then is helped off the field by a couple of his teammates as he vomits again on his way to the sideline.
Through the genius of YouTube, you can now enjoy — or at least admire — QB Dodge’s effort.

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