Dolphins and Capers scam Texans

capers_dom.jpgIn this previous post, I speculated that former Houston Texans head coach and current Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Dom Capers will be particularly incentivized to have his Dolphins defensive unit ready for the Dolphins’ game with the Texans this coming October.
Well, the following blurb in this article indicates that Texans owner Bob McNair has reason to have his troops reciprocate with some spirited play in the upcoming game:

Dom Capers won’t have the defensive coordinator title, but that essentially is his job. ”Maybe some day he’ll be that, but not this year,” coach Nick Saban said. Miami is saving a bundle by withholding that title. Now Houston, which fired him as head coach, must pay Capers $2 million in 2006, and Miami only $300,000.

2 thoughts on “Dolphins and Capers scam Texans

  1. If Capers is acting as defensive coordinator and Miami is only withholding the title in a transparent effort to save money, it seems to me the league could step in and say that’s not going to work. But McNair is probably too classy to ask the league to do so….

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