Your Justice Department at Work

In what can only be described as an over-the-top and spiteful request, the prosecutors in the sad case of Jamie Olis requested yesterday that U.S. District Judge Sim Lake resentence Olis to a 15 year jail sentence that is exceeded in its absurdity by only the 24 year sentence that the prosecutors improperly obtained in Olis’ original sentencing hearing.

Although the prosecution’s brief on resentencing is not yet available publicly, the Chronicle story on the brief reports that the prosecution is holding to the absurd theory that Olis’ allegedly criminal actions contributed to a $20 to $50 million decline in the value of Dynegy stock.

Meanwhile, because Olis does not believe he did anything wrong and thus, declines to rat on other Dynegy executives, the government ratchets up its proposed sentence to the highest possible level.

The Olis case is proof that the concept of prosecutorial discretion is dead at the U.S. Department of Justice.

1 thought on “Your Justice Department at Work

  1. Huh? So government tacks on over 13 years for the subordinate because he wouldn’t say he was guilty and didn’t testify against anyone? Wow- Talk about the risk of exercising your “right” to trial. No wonder people are pleading guilty right and left and offering to say whatever the government wants them to. The risk of saying no is this and it has nothing to do with justice. It is a game and it is time for us all to wake up now. These prosecutors are masters of this game and we are all a bunch of chumps to not see that it is rigged.

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