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dan jenkins4.jpgVinceYoung7.jpgAs regular readers of my blog know, Dan Jenkins of Ft. Worth is my favorite sportswriter, bar none (previous posts on Jenkins are here, here, here, here and here). In this interesting David Barron article that explores where the 2005 edition of the Texas Longhorn team fits among the great teams of the past in the Horns’ legendary football program, Jenkins makes the following hilarious observation about the 2005 Texas team and its star quarterback, Vince Young:

“Even if this team wins it all, the whole deal, in my mind it won’t be the best Longhorn team of all time. That’s because this team is led by an alien, not a human, and its biggest threat is a busted play where the alien goes back to pass, can’t find a receiver, then runs over everybody for a touchdown.”
“If Vince Young carried the ball on every play, Texas would win games 85-0. But that’s not a team, it’s a group of undistinguished guys led by a monster from outer space. Nobody outside of Austin can name another player on the 2005 team, other than, maybe, Jammal Charles. Nobody.”

My vote for the best Horns team was the 1968 team, which lost and tied a game before Coach Darrell Royal said “what the hell” and switched to the Wishbone offense. After that key move, the ’68 Longhorns dominated the remainder of their opponents in a manner unequaled by any of the Horns’ national championship teams.

5 thoughts on “Dan Jenkins on Vince Young

  1. With respect, that is utter nonsense. If Vince Young carried the ball on every play, how would that impact opponents’ offenses? The fact of the matter is that Texas has one of the best defenses in the nation.
    Also, the offense is hardly all Vince running the ball – indeed, his numbers this year (lower than last year) refelect that: He has been passing far more this year than last, and Sweed and Taylor are All-Americans.
    This Texas team may not be the best ever, but is far from accurate to say they are where they are because Vince runs the ball on every play.

  2. John, you apparently not familiar with Jenkins’ writing. He had his tongue firmly in cheek in regard to his comments about this season’s Texas team.

  3. That’s humorous. I’ve thought Vince Young was a space alien since he twisted his ankle 180 degrees his freshmen or sophmore year. Watching on TV, I thought he would be out for the season but I don’t think he missed one play.

  4. This Texas team may not be the best ever, but is far from accurate to say they are where they are because Vince runs the ball on every play.
    You’re reading Jenkins WAY too literally.
    However, it’s not far from accurate to say that without Vince Young, this Texas team is not at all close to being a national championship contender. Not that it matters that much. They do have Young, after all, and he does resemble an alien.
    I always thought it would take an alien to get Mack Brown to his first conference championship ever, especially in a conference with Bob Stoops. 🙂

  5. Dan is the best.
    I am honored to have two of his 1st editions (autographed though not to me) in my collection.
    VY is clearly an alien and I only hope in the interest of Orangebloods everywhere, Mack finds a way to clone him for future generations of Horns to enjoy and dirt burglers/aggies and other nemisis to distain.

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