2005 Weekly local football review

VinceYoung5.jpgTexas Longhorns 52 Texas Tech 17

Texas QB Vince Young didn’t really have all that good a game, yet Texas (7-0) rolls over formerly undefeated Tech (6-1), anyway. The fact that Tech is arguably the second-best team in the Big 12 this season underscores just how better the Longhorns are than anyone else in the conference. The Horns now have the equivalent of junior varsity games the next three weeks against Oklahoma State, Baylor and Kansas before closing the regular season with its rivalry game against Texas A&M.

Texas Aggies 30 Kansas State 28

Although Kansas State’s (4-3) program has trended downward over the past couple of seasons, this was still an important road victory for the Ags, who find themselves at 5-2 even after a disappointing first half of the season. Unfortunately for the Ags, they host a tough Iowa State (4-3) team this week, then go to Tech and Oklahoma before finishing the season at home against the Longhorns. The Ags could lose all of those games, which would not go over well in Aggieland.

Colts 38 Texans 20

Texans QB David Carr was 6 of 9 passing for 48 yards while being sacked 5 times for 42 yards in losses and scrambling for 35 yards on five carries. He also had one interception, which was returned 20 yards. Thus, out of roughly 20 pass plays called in the game, the Texans netted a total of 21 yards. On the other hand, the Texans had 133 yards on 33 running plays. The inescapable conclusion gleaned from this data is that the Texans should simply eschew the innovation of the forward pass altogether and convert to the Wishbone offense. The 0-7 Texans have a rare chance for a victory next Sunday at home against the almost equally hapless Cleveland Browns (2-4).

Seahawks 13 Cowboys 10

The Pokes (4-3) lost one like the Stros in this one by giving up 10 points in the last 40 seconds. The Cowboys really got screwed as they dominated the game defensively, but were denied a probable late touchdown that would have put the game away when the referees inexplicably picked up a defensive holding flag on a third down play near the Seattle goal line where the Seahawk defender clearly attempted to tackle Cowboy TE Jason Whitten during his route. The Big Tuna not only chewed out the officiating staff on the field after that call, but also whacked in full view of the television cameras one of his own staff members who attempted to get in his two cents during the rhubarb. Assuming that defense continues playing in such a dominate fashion, the Cowboys should be O.K. as they have their off week in between relatively easy games against Arizona and Detroit, and a tough one at Philadelphia, over the next month.

Houston Cougars 28 Mississippi State 16

Even a win over a bad Southeastern Conference team is a big step forward for the inconsistent Cougars (4-3), who are still hoping for a minor bowl bid this season. The Coogs are off this week before closing at Central Florida (4-3) and then at home against SMU, Southern Mississippi, and Rice.

Navy 41 Rice 9

The Owls (0-7) death march to a possible 0-11 season continued as a very solid Navy team — led by its colorful coach Paul Johnson — trampled the Owls at Rice Stadium before 12,000 friends and family members. Mike Price and UTEP get to pad their stats against the Owls next.

2 thoughts on “2005 Weekly local football review

  1. Didn’t someone really smart say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? Why do texans fans keep cheering for the poor play of the texans? Whats worse? Why do texans fans keep cheering and thinking they will win a game in the NFL with the same poor performance week in and week out? Does the team need to be 1-15 before someone (Bob McNair) realizes an overhaul is needed to get this team ready for next year? An overhaul of the entire team including coaching, offense and defense. You know it is bad when your special teams is leading the league in some obscure category for the sports commentators to mention…Talk about disaster recovery! If you want to watch a football game right now, watch the Cowboys…Go tex…I mean Go Stros..!

  2. According to the Chronicle’s latest lady sports reporter, the Texans’ offense is surging and showing great signs of improvement!
    I listened to parts of it on the radio during a drive, so I guess actually being at the game must have made all the difference in her account of the game versus my impression. 🙂

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