The Stros’ ride to the World Series

Hunsicker.jpgAs you prepare to watch for Game 1 of the 2005 World Series tonight, take a few minutes to review the previous posts set forth below that chronicle the Stros’ improbable and highly enjoyable run to the club’s first World Series:

The first off-season moves, including the logic behind letting Jeff Kent go;

After nine years, Stros General Manager Gerry Hunsiker resigns and Mickey Herskowitz provides historical perspective on the Stros’ GM’s;


The Stros lose out on Carlos Beltran and why they were wise to let him go;

New Stros GM Tim Purpura’s first big challenge;

The Stros re-sign the remarkable Roy O to a new contract;

Joe Sheehan of Baseball Prospectus dumps on the Stros at the beginning of spring training;


If you really want to appreciate the Stros, then read this;

The Stros re-sign their main raker, Lance Berkman;

2005 Stros Season Preview — I go against the grain and predict that the Stros will contend for a playoff spot;


As of May 1st, things are about as expected as the Stros wait for Berkman to return;

Ten days later, things are not looking good;

A week later, things look even worse as Bags opts for shoulder surgery;

By the end of May, glimmers of hope because of the remarkable Rocket;

By mid-June, the Stros are streaking;


Bidg sets another record;

What a difference a year makes — checking in with the Stros at the halfway point;

By late July, the Stros are hanging in and finishing off another impressive streak;

Morgan Ensberg’s remarkable season, why Willy Taveras should not be Rookie of the Year, and Mike Lamb’s tough season;

Even as late as September 5th, it’s not looking good for the Stros’ playoff chances, but Bidg changes the momentum with one mighty yak in Philadelphia;

John McMullen4.gif

Remembering former Stros owner, the late John McMullen;

The Stros enter the stretch run, close in and then Whew!

The remarkable Mr. Biggio;

A new Stros fan;

Stros and White Sox are cost-effective winners;

Chris Burke4.jpg

Stros beat the Braves in the NLDS after the longest playoff game in history;

It’s not easy being a Stros fan and Houston’s legacy of sports disasters;

Peaches, Baby!

The cultural aspects of baseball in Chicago;

and, last, but not least the

The 2005 World Series Preview.

Batter up!
Update: There is no joy in Mudville, but it was one heckuva ride!

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