Stros trade Redding for catching prospect

Redding.jpgThe Stros traded (finally) disgruntled pitcher Tim Redding today to the San Diego Padres for 25 year old catching prospect Humberto Quintero, who may be the best catcher on the Stros’ squad when he hits town. Inasmuch as Quintero has a total of 95 lifetime at bats, that gives you an idea of the sorry state of the catching position on the Stros’ squad.
Baseball Prospectus projects Quintero as a .236 BA/.273 OBA/.335 SLG. hitter for this season, which compares favorably with either Brad Ausmus (.239/.303/.324) or Raul Chavez (.228/.270/.320). The following is a Baseball Prospectus blurb on Quintero:

At least the young backstop finally hit better [at AAA Portland last season] in addition to terrorizing baserunners. He profiles as a low-strikeout, low-walk hitter with modest pop, but the Pads are wishcasting for some .290 seasons with doubles power. With Ramon Hernandez’s contract up at year’s end, they may give Quintero his shot sooner than expected.

Translated: the Stros continue their attraction to “catch and throw” prospects at catcher, but at least this one is only 25 and may develop into something more than either Ausmus or Chavez. It’s Springtime — we can dream, can’t we?
More on the Stros later in the week as the final roster is finalized and the club returns from Spring Training for Opening Day next Tuesday.

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  1. Don’t expect the Stros to get rid of Ausmus anytime soon. He’s a favorite with the ladies. The ladies swoon over his good looks, athleticism, and his higher education. Take Ausmus off the roster and attendance at Minute Maid will drop.
    And yes, I’m being facetious about the attendance.

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