Watch out!

metrocar4.jpgThe Chronicle’s Rad Sallee reports on one category in which Houston’s Metropolitan Transit Authority is surely leading among the country’s transit systems:

MetroRail logged its third collision in four days Friday, making 29 this year and 96 since fall 2003, when testing of the rail line began.
Before that, the last collision was July 5. The last string of three accidents in four days was March 13-16. Metro recorded three light rail collisions in two days Jan. 26-27 and five in eight days March 22-29, 2004.

Who boy, Kevin Whited and Anne Linehan at are going to have fun with this one.’s Houston Transit category and Kevin’s Danger Train category are the two best sources for information on the seemingly unending foibles of Houston Metro.
By the way, is it just me or does Mr. Sallee’s analysis of MetroRail’s many crashes seems eerily similar to the way in which one would evaluate a Major League Baseball player’s career statistics?

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