Tough day at the office

Clear Thinkers reader Charles Satterfield passes along these pictures of a trading office on the sixth floor of JP Morgan Chase Center, looking out toward the blown-out windows on the east side of JP Morgan Chase Tower (the tallest building in downtown Houston), taken shortly after Hurricane Ike blew out dozens of windows on the building’s east side during the early morning of Saturday, Sept 13th. Going on two weeks after the storm, over half a million Houston area residents remain without power and about 250,000 have no running water.

601 Travis Pic 7

601 Travis Pic 6 Trading Desk

3 thoughts on “Tough day at the office

  1. It appears that this photo is from the JPMorgan Chase Center, across the street from the Chase Tower (given that you can see the Chase Tower out the windows, and that the pictures are labeled “601 Travis”). Also, it seems that it might be above the sixth floor looking at the building in the background in the first picture. JPMorgan Chase Center link is here:

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