The Astrodome as a . . . garage?

Astrodome_thumb.jpgReally? This is what over a decade of Astrodome redevelopment plans have come to?

The Astrogarage?

That’s not exactly the stuff of grand legacies.

So, here is my unsolicited advice for County leaders.

Rather than continuing to waste time on what to do with the Dome, come up with a solution for the problems that have plagued the Harris County Jail for decades

I would bet that the County leader who leads the community in finally making the County Jail a reasonably humane place will have a grander and more lasting legacy than the leader who turns the Dome into a garage.

4 thoughts on “The Astrodome as a . . . garage?

  1. I would suggest repealing all laws regarding victimless crimes — i.e. the three major industries of narcotics, prostitution, and gambling.

    In addition, the Governor should grant immediate pardons to all those with convictions of said “crimes”.

    Release all inmates currently being held against their will in all jails/prisons.

    The above actions would go a long way towards achieving a more just society. – with the added benefit of freeing up more space for real criminals.

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