"Why, those sorry bastards"

Darrell Royal During football season, two Clear Thinkers favorite subjects are the annual Texas-OU game and former Texas head coach Darrell Royal (here, here, here, here and here).

So, this Barking Carnival post on the epic 1976 game — Royal’s last as Texas’ coach — is a must read on the eve of this year’s game. The comment referred to in the title of this post was Royal’s reply to former OU coach Barry Switzer’s response to Royal’s allegation that the OU coaching staff was spying on Texas practices.

The raw emotion of the game — arguably the most severe of any rivalry game already — rose to a boiling point in the ’76 game as a result of the animosity between the coaching staffs.

Get ready to rumble!

2 thoughts on “"Why, those sorry bastards"

  1. Roses are red, violets are blue, the game is this weekend and ou sux.
    P.S. Tom, if Texas plays Florida for the national championship this year, you are my connection for tickets through Dan.
    Go ‘Horns.

  2. CMilford –
    I was at Fair Park and the Cotton Bowl this past Saturday, and, as was reiterated by numerous Texas fans who got in my face as I was filing out of the stadium, I agree, OU does suck this year.
    And, I don’t think that it should come as any consolation to Texas fans that their team sucks just slightly less than we do.
    Personally, this Sooner would love to see Texas line up against the SEC champ this year. It could get real ugly…..

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