The remarkable story of Kevin Everett

Kevin_everett.jpgThree months ago, Kevin Everett, a tight end for the Buffalo Bills who was born and raised in Port Arthur just east of Houston, suffered a serious spinal cord injury during an NFL game. At the time of the injury, there was grave doubt whether Everett would ever walk again.
As this Sports Illustrated article recounts, Everett’s recovery from his serious injury has been nothing short of amazing. One of the interesting aspects of Everett’s recovery is that it may have been fueled by the gutsy call of a 45 year-old orthopedic surgeon on the scene in Buffalo, but it was certainly facilitated by the remarkable rehabilitation services of the Texas Medical Center’s Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (known as “TIRR”) and the inspiring resolve of the 25 year old patient. TIRR is regularly ranked as one of the finest rehabilitation institutions in the U.S. and is one of the many reasons that Houston is among the world’s finest medical centers.

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