Did the DOJ Hide the Ball in the Olis Case?

This earlier post reported on how the full story about the Department of Justice’s sordid prosecution of former Dynegy executive Jamie Olis is finally starting to come out in connection with a civil trial earlier this year by Olis’ former attorney and Olis’ recent motion to set aside his conviction.

Now, Ellen Podgor reports that Olis’ new legal team has filed a motion that Olis be released from prison on bond pending the outcome of the motion to set aside his conviction, and the basis of the motion is that the DOJ failed to turnover to the Olis defense in violation of its obligation under U.S. v. Brady evidence regarding the DOJ’s frequent communications with Dynegy’s employees and attorneys during the prosecution of Olis. As Professor Podgor asks:

“What was the collective knowledge of the government here, and was the discovery properly provided to [Olis’] defense counsel prior to trial?”

This is getting very interesting.

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