Can the NatWest Three receive a fair trial in Houston?

Barry Turner, lecturer in criminal law and criminal evidence at Leeds Law School, makes the following declaration in this Times Online blog post regarding the NatWest Three, who are presently awaiting a bond hearing in Houston in regard to the Enron-related criminal case against them:

“It is . . . absurd to suggest that the men will not get a fair trial in a country that uses exactly the same legal system as we do.”

H’mm. Better check the facts, Mr. Turner. Kevin Howard and Ken Lay are stark reminders that the suggestion is not absurd at all.

By the way, a friend who is prominent in the media business was vacationing in England when Ken Lay died. He passes along the following observation regarding the British media coverage of Mr. Lay’s death:

“The coverage [of Mr. Lay’s death] on the domestic BBC service was interesting.

Close to the top of the report, the journalist noted that Ken Lay continued to maintain that he had done nothing wrong. The report then went on to entertain the idea that this might actually be true.

The extensive coverage of the Natwest Three added to the sense that, in Britain at least, there is now as much questioning of the Department of Justice as there is of ex-Enron officers.”

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