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merrill-lynch.gifDaniel L. Gordon, Merrill Lynch’s former chief energy trader, was sentenced Friday to 3 1/2 years in prison after admitting that he had stolen $43 million from the brokerage firm. Although the prosecution was only requesting a couple of years in the pokey, the judge decided that the longer sentence was called for in light of the nature and size of the theft.
I’m all right with that. But how on earth does one reconcile that sentence with the comparable sentences handed down to these two (here and here) former Merrill Lynch executives, neither of whom profited a lick from the transaction that is the basis of their alleged crime?
And when you get done trying to figure that one out, try reconciling Mr. Gordon’s three year sentence with the 24 year sentence that is being endured by Jamie Olis, who also did not receive a dime from the transaction that is the basis of his alleged crime.
Let’s see. Embezzle $43 million and, if you get caught, cop a plea and serve 3 1/2 years. Or, do your job, don’t embezzle a cent, defend your innocence against criminal charges even when your employer serves you up as a sacrificial lamb so that the employer can avoid criminal charges, and then endure either as long, or much longer, a sentence if you are convicted.
H’mm. Doesn’t seem like much of a choice to me. Something is seriously out of whack here.

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  1. How can our American justice system in Houston,Texas look at themselves as having done justice for all man kind!
    In order to stay out of prison for longer period is to say “I am Guily!” Then,have stolen enough to buy an expensive lawyer,then you have a chance to go on with a slap on your hand! What if you are innecent? What do you do then? No stolen money,cannot say something that is untrue,no one backs you up. They make an example out of you for not corroperpating,then they forget about you because it is hard for them to think maybe someone was wrong. What about my brother Jamie Olis, who is in medium security prison in Oakdale,Louisianna? Seven hours away from his family members,especially Joey, who has lost her first two years of her life without her Daddy and having a stressed Mom? How can the Judge forget about my brother? I know that America is a Good country to live,to beleive,and to trust our judical system. Prove me right! I have been living in Groingen,Netherlands for over one year, and I am beginning to wonder,how Euorpeans see Americans,can they be right? I am ashamed that my own brother has been unjustly treated by our country and Texans who we love and believe in as our home state. I have one thing to say to those who have been involved in my brothers missed justice,God knows everything and justice will surface to all those indiviuals who on purpose put him where he is today! Make it right and soon!!!
    I love my brother dearly and I do feel his pain every day. Can someone help him please!!!
    God will Bless those who do good because it is the right thing to do.
    Lots of Love to my brother Jamie!!!
    sister in agony,Shearl OLIS Johnson

  2. Unfortunately, America now has a “Legal” system, not a “Justice” system, and the 2 have little in common.
    The court system as a whole (both criminal and civil) is America’s biggest problem at this time.

  3. This government’s claim that the federal criminal prosecution and sentencing system is about deterrence, public protection and avoiding unwarranted disparities is a lie. Stop telling the lie because more and more of us have finally learned to stop believing it. The truth is what you see in this case. This system is about giving full and virtually unchecked authority to individual prosecutors to choose their victims. Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are not but once chosen, the smart money is on agreeing to say you are guilty and provide testimony against anyone and everyone else that prosecutors want to add to their “kill” count. This system severely punishes those who say no to prosecutors and state their innocence and simultaneously rewards those who commit crimes by allowing them to negotiate the terms of their surrender. What is wrong with this picture? Only everything.

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