This is really not going well

Kozlowski2.jpgFollowing on this earlier post about former Tyco International CEO Dennis Kozlowski’s handling of his cross-examination during his ongoing criminal trial in New York City, this NY Times article doesn’t make it sound as if yesterday’s testimony went much better for Mr. Kozlowski.
The following is an exchange between the prosecutor and Mr. Kozlowski that apparently occurred yesterday:

“This proxy statement, signed by you, has to be honest and complete?”
“It can’t be misleading?”
“There’s nothing in there about the $32 million in loan forgiveness for you?”
“That’s correct.”

Mr. Kozlowski’s first trial, in which he did not testify, ended in a hung jury. If he is convicted in this second trial, then Mr. Kozlowski’s performance during cross-examination will almost certainly transform him into the poster boy for white collar criminal defendants who should not testify during trial.

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