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October 2, 2007

$1,200 for that?

franchione%20kneeling%20100207.jpgAs noted in the weekly football report, the water cooler conversation in these psrts over the past several days has inevitably turned to what on earth was embattled Texas A&M head coach Dennis Franchione thinking when he sold a secret newsletter entitled "VIP Connection" to a dozen or so wealthy Aggies for $1,200 a pop (Franchione rakes in over $2 million annually).

The Dallas Morning News' Brian Davis came up with a few of the newsletters and passes along some of their content:

The Dallas Morning News obtained several "VIP" newsletters written by McKenzie since December 2004. Most have a positive tone. . . . others talk about what plays A&M will run, the team's travel schedule and generally harmless fluff. [. . .]

Last November, [the newsletter] outlined A&M's game plan prior to the Texas game. The Aggies wanted to take shots deep, use gadget plays and "hardball running plays."

"Lane on power, and then [Mike] Goodson on a zone read that goes toward a different place in the defensive set than usual [they've never seen it run this way]."

And people wonder why A&M's offense lacks imagination? ;^)

Update: The DMN provides even more from the newsletters.

And Ray Melick makes a good point at the end of this column:

[W]hen the guys who were once willing to buy everything you were selling, including your secret newsletter at $1,200 a year, begin to turn on you.

It's usually a pretty good indication that it's time to start looking for a comfortable place to fall.

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