Sugar Land SWAT

swat_icon_narrowweb__200x270.jpgAfter the questionable police conduct during the incident at Walter’s, I noticed this ABC-13 news blurb from last week, but have seen no follow-up news report since the incident:

A Sugar Land woman says police went too far when they burst into her home and arrested her boyfriend and son on drug charges. The raid left her dog dead and caused thousands of dollars in damage.
“It was bang, bang, bang, then there was a boom as they broke the door in, threw the fire grenade, and then shot the dog,” said homeowner Margot Allen. “This all happened in anywhere from five to fifteen seconds.”
That’s how Allen’s son and boyfriend describe what happened that day. Sugar Land police acted on a tip. They say they found traces of marijuana and cocaine in her trash after a month-long investigation.
“There’s no crack done in my house,” she said. “There’s occasional marijuana in my house. I don’t do it because I don’t happen to like it.”
Based on the evidence in the trash, a regional SWAT team arrived at the home. Police say they knocked, waited 30 seconds, and then broke in with guns and a concussion grenade. The house suffered $5,000 damage and one officer shot and killed Margot’s golden lab, Shadow, when police say it charged toward one of the officers. What did officers find inside?
“A joint half the size of my pinky fingernail and then one about this big,” she said, showing a length on her finger. “And not anywhere near this big around.”

Let’s see here. A SWAT team is deployed to a citizen’s house because “traces of marijuana and cocaine” were found in the trash after a month-long investigation? Then, the citizen’s house is heavily damaged and the citizen’s dog is killed in the process of arresting a couple of fellows who enjoy smoking a joint in their home? Although a couple of potheads do not generally evoke a great deal of sympathy, is this what the citizens of Sugar Land truly want from a new police growth industry?

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