Five questions about the Stros

stros logo8.jpgAs Spring Training winds down, freelance writer and longtime Stros follower Bob Hulsey addresses five questions about the Stros upcoming season. Check it out.
By the way, word from Florida is that Jeff Bagwell will either begin the season on the disabled list or retire because of his inability at this point to throw a ball adequately to play slow pitch softball, much less Major League Baseball. From the looks of it this spring, Bags’ damaged right shoulder has also sapped him of any remaining power that he once had as one of the most feared sluggers of the past decade and a half. Thus, my bet is that Bags hangs ’em up rather than linger on the Stros’ bench for the season as the highest-paid singles hitter in the game.
With his retirement, Bags will immediately become the greatest former player in Stros history and will likely become the first Stros player to be named to Baseball’s Hall of Fame. This post explains why.

One thought on “Five questions about the Stros

  1. Bob is a good writer and knowledgeable sports guy, but he’s delusional about Bagwell. Bagwell has looked like a guy with good line drive power to right center this spring, and his inability to recover enough to play consecutive games tells me he’s finished. It’s too bad, but there was no place on this team for even an average late career Bagwell, with Lance Berkman ready to slide into 1B full-time and Bagwell unable to play any other position due to his throwing limitations.

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