Welcome to Houston’s Clear Thinkers

Tom Head Shot 052410.JPGHouston is the home of remarkably diverse and talented business and professional communities. Houston’s Clear Thinkers is a weblog that focuses on developments in law, business, medicine, sports and other areas of special interest to the Houston legal, business and medical communities. My personal and professional background information may be reviewed here.
By way of background, Houston’s Clear Thinkers is the natural evolution of a private email group that I have maintained over the past five years. Over that period, this email group steadily grew into an eclectic mix of over a hundred businesspeople, attorneys, doctors, accountants, teachers, and professors from Houston and other parts of the United States.
I am blessed to count each of these email group members as friends, and it is my hope that the Houston’s Clear Thinkers weblog will introduce me to many new friends while I pass along matters of interest to the Houston business and professional communities.
Tom Kirkendall
February 2, 2004